Monday, November 29, 2010

random update

yeah so my weightloss plan! havent started exercising as yet sigh :( well we have been having flue still have but im not feeling as bad today so it might just be that magical day when ill start :P But my friend is coming back tomorrow hopefully DATTADADATTAADAAAAA! and shes proper fitt so i guess she can get me motivated and acompany me to the gym! still need to have my exercise coustume made though sigh but i have a really cool plan for a couple ;) so then i can exercise modestly yet looking smart! but i have lost some weight,yeah! a couple of kilos i know its only the body fluids but i guess somethings happening in my body! havent really even started a diet plan just eating less and trying to not eat only becouse im bored etc i bett if i started exercising id get more motivation for that aswell since u dont want to sweat and work har just to eat everything bad again and ur work was for nothing! 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

me fitter summer 2011!?

so i have been thinking here for a couple of days to start a diet and a exercise plan! while munching on a record amount of cookies and goodies *sigh* but now would be a good moment to motivate myself to be fit for my holiday! then i could buy all sorts of cute clothes and all! and then id come home and be fit for my hubby who i of course care the most about to be fit for! i dont have a direct plan for the diet but try to leave out the sugars and bad fats? and plenty of exercise should i even stay awake and exercise in the morning before the kids wake up! uuuh how proud i would be of my self then! go me go!

im on the yellow now! not far from the red :O :/ 

Lett the journey begin!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

eid is over!

ok so eid is now officially over we had fun but even though we didnt doo that much just the constant planning in my head what we could/were supposed to do really made me tired :D but now im on to my next mission! planning our summer holiday in my homeland finland <3it been like 2 years since my last visit :O this year my sis came here instead wasnt willing to travel with such a small baby+ a naughty little boy ;) iw been looking at flats and tickets already it would be nice to have everything ready planned so then all i can do is be happy and wait and know everyting is ready sorted out especially when travelling with 2 kids now i would just feel safer knowing evrything is done! found one place just in the heart of my beloved itakeskus lets hope ill get that one <3 then im close to both most of my friends and my family! next step is to ask mummy and them what their plans are it would be nice to go camping etc <3 i just hope im not just a bit early and over exited and get bored or dissapointed later but it good to dream isnt it <3

Friday, November 12, 2010

little something about our family!

so i thought it might be fun to write a bit about our family and our backgrounds! ( i know many ppl are too shy to ask why is youre husband not black if hes from uganda etc ;) ) a few brave has asked but most dont :P

Well me myself im finnish sweedish grew up in quite a big family with 7 kidds my childhood in a town outside helsinki and as my parents divorced moved to helsinki in 98! a very mix raced family and a lot of explaining for the less mix raced ;) as in my mum was married nigerian , my dads ex is a thai and my older sister who also is a muslim is married to a moroccon man and me after one marrige with a somali tryed out a finn and ended up with this mix raced ugandan :D

 My husband again is born here in kampala has indian ugandan , ugandan and brittish blood running trough his vanes!

 A question i hear alot is:
 -so ur muslim becouse u married a muslim man!?                            -noo iw been muslim since i was around 15 years old my husband wasnt even a muslim at that time!
 then comes:
 -ooooh so ur husband is a muslim so he could marry u!?
-nooo i was muslim for like 8 years before i met him and him like 3 years before he met me and we gott married as we were both muslims already (new muslims reverts what ever u want to call it ;) ) ppl get confused ;)

 And  then: -so how did u meet!? 
-well we met online ( ;)) talked for some time and then got married ;)

 lol my husband often remind me how easy it was no dating fighting issues etc just met had talked and decided to go for it! we then lived in england london(where my husband had been living since from quite a young age) for some time then moved here together to explore what uganda had to offer us! even my husband had to gett used to everything again since he hadnt been here in a loong time! And here we still are wit 2 beautiful children confusing everyone :P 

mix & match 

                   XOXO miraymi
           (ugandan version of my name ;) )

Thursday, November 11, 2010

life besides trapping down them rats!

eid is coming up its on the 16 of this month inshallah havent really got my self exited thou and that would be fine but i still want the kids especially muhammed who already understands things to have a fun eid! an eid he can remember when he grows up... one night i couldnt sleep was just planning it would be nice to have ppl over, have never hosted anything but then i realised i need to have the decorating of the house finished first so i can feel comfortable and happy about having ppl over well next year inshallah! maybe ill just do a small thing for the kids like iw done before have the cousins come over eat the leftover goodies ;) should do some eid shopping its good to have new/ clean clothes for eid and some gifts for the kids and i dont even have a clue this year what to buy something that has always been so easy my brain is just not there this time

got some sad news aswell yesterday one of the sister iw known for the longest is really really sick she has a son who was due the same time with hannah but was born premature but is still young and now she has to stay in hospital all alone my heart goes for that but shes a strong lady and i pray shell gett trugh it like a soldier! i also feel so helpless being here so far away cant go to visit or really help and im so clumsy with my words that im scared ill just say something wrong or just not say the right words at the right time but shes in our prayers!

im missing my friends that has traveld aswell cant wait to have them back! we used to have so much fun now im just bored even thou i try to keep myself busy and make new friends aswell its just not the same! come home E and T!

busy chasing ratts!

my little house mouse was a huge ratt and it even had babys :( so whole of yesterday we were trying to catch it we failed but atleast we thought we had trapped it but today tadaa the thing is gone! (#@&^%$$) it had taken some of the food mixed with poison but what should we do to find it now i just cant gett rest untill iw seen this thing killed and out of my house! dont get me wrong im a real animal lover but RATTS in my house no way! 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

has a new pet!

has an unwanted pet in my home :S has never seen it but it has left evidence of it self a couple of times now :O 

say hello to my little friend!!

now i definetly need my little diva! <3