Monday, November 29, 2010

random update

yeah so my weightloss plan! havent started exercising as yet sigh :( well we have been having flue still have but im not feeling as bad today so it might just be that magical day when ill start :P But my friend is coming back tomorrow hopefully DATTADADATTAADAAAAA! and shes proper fitt so i guess she can get me motivated and acompany me to the gym! still need to have my exercise coustume made though sigh but i have a really cool plan for a couple ;) so then i can exercise modestly yet looking smart! but i have lost some weight,yeah! a couple of kilos i know its only the body fluids but i guess somethings happening in my body! havent really even started a diet plan just eating less and trying to not eat only becouse im bored etc i bett if i started exercising id get more motivation for that aswell since u dont want to sweat and work har just to eat everything bad again and ur work was for nothing! 

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